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131380828_1B-Bold Founder, Rustin Hughes, in white Jiu Jitsu Gi without leg prostheses94281765651098_898523368873952054_n.jpg

Rustin Hughes

Rustin is a veteran, Para Jiu Jitsu champion, and coach. He lost his leg in 2014 and has been utilizing the lessons he learned from the experience to convey a sense of hope and determination to individuals battling through their own adversity. He recognizes the power of sports and exercise in healing oneself, both physically and mentally. Rustin has dedicated his life toward affecting positive change in individuals throughout northern Colorado, no matter what their abilities are.


I don’t consider losing my leg to be a ‘disability.’ This experience has given me a whole new outlook on life and the ability to help others find their own inner strength and determination to carry on.


B-Bold offers adaptive martial arts opportunities exclusively for veterans with disabilities. Each program offered is specifically selected and developed to help build strength, range of motion, endurance, flexibility, confidence, independence, cognitive functioning, and social skills.

B-Bold was founded in 2016 as a means for “people of determination” to come together for physical exercise, learning new skills, and most importantly, developing comaraderie. B-Bold is so much more than a workout. We tailor the experience for each individual. It is open to people with Parkinson’s, an amputation, PTSD, or those who simply want to try a new experience. Every class is no-contact, meaning you will be working on skills and exercising, not getting into an actual match. We welcome you to drop in on any class, no reservations required. Simply fill out a waiver and come with an open mind and willingness to learn!

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